1. 1642-Interim Ordinance Establishing a Moratorium on Residential Development Within the Commercial Services Local (CSL) Zone (PDF)
  2. 1641-Vander Giessen Comprehensive Plan Amendment (PDF)
  3. 1640-Amends 2021 Budget- Fund 420 (PDF)
  4. 1639-Adoption of Year 2022 Budget (PDF)
  5. 1638-Real Estate Property Tax for 2022 (PDF)
  6. 1637-Amends LMC 12.24 to Allow for Park Exclusion (PDF)
  7. 1636-Franchise Agreement- Cascade Natural Gas Company (PDF)
  8. 1635-Franchise Agreement- (PDF)
  9. 1634-Line of Credit Increase (PDF)
  10. 1633-Amends LMC 12.28, Sidewalk Obstructions (PDF)
  11. 1632-Amends Comprehensive Plan-Pepin Lite Transportation System Improvements (PDF)
  12. 1631-Pepin Creek TIF-Rescinding City Policy, Re - Transportation and Park Fees (PDF)
  13. 1630- Amends Year 2021 Budget (PDF)
  14. 1629-Extend Maturity City Revenue Bond (PDF)
  15. 1628-Vacate PTN Redwood Road (Unrecorded) (PDF)
  16. 1627-Amends LMC 16 and 19-SEPA and Minimum Density Standards in Pepin Creek Sub-Area (PDF)
  17. 1626-Pepin Creek Moratorium 3-Month Extension (PDF)
  18. 1625-Amends LMC 1.12 and 14.16.050 (PDF)
  19. 1624-Site Specific Rezone- 8035 Guide Meridian (PDF)
  20. 1623-Lagerwey Site Specific Rezone (PDF)
  21. 1622-Park Impact Fees (PDF)
  22. 1621-Extend Pepin Creek Subarea Moratorium (PDF)
  23. 1620-Amend LMC CH 13.08 Water Project Design Standards (PDF)
  24. 1619-Pepin Creek Subarea Rezone (PDF)
  25. 1618-Levying Property Taxes for 2021 (PDF)
  26. 1617-Site Specific Rezone (PDF)
  27. 1616-Amend LMC CH 17-18 Non-Conforming Mobile-Manufactured Home Communities (PDF)
  28. 1615-Establishing Office of Hearing Examiner (PDF)