Septic System Resources

Septic System Maintenance

Failing on-site sewage systems (OSS) or septic systems within City limits represent a potential source of pollution to Lynden waterways. Maintaining septic systems is part of the solution to improving water quality in the City of Lynden and for the communities downstream. An even better solution is converting decentralized systems to high-quality centralized systems and utilizing treatment plants such as the one in Lynden.

There are two programs available for septic owners in the City of Lynden:

  • Decommissioning the system using the Abandonment of Sewage Tanks (PDF) and connecting to sewer through the City Septic to Sewer program. Residents interested in the Septic to Sewer program should contact Public Works staff at 360-354-3446 for more detailed information on eligibility and the utility application process. Or;
  • Evaluating and maintaining the septic system either by hiring a professional or on their own (trainings and rebates available).

Evaluate Your Septic System, Before it's Too LateWhatcom County generously offers a rebate as an incentive to any City resident with an OSS. Attending a homeowner septic workshop, offered online, qualifies participants for the rebate program or authorization to inspect their own septic system and submit a ROSS to Whatcom County. Rebates are available, based upon actual costs, for inspections done by a licensed professional (up to $100), installation of equipment (up to $100), or septic tank pumping (up to $200). One rebate activity is available for each septic system. For more information about the rebate program visit Whatcom County's Septic Maintenance Rebate Program website.