Winter Preparation

Snow Removal Plan (PDF) Opens in new windowView the latest Snow Removal Map (PDF). Although staff will do their best to follow the priorities indicated on the map, other urgent matters may take precedence, depending on the type of storm event and other conditions.

De-icer is frequently used on City roadways in preparation for freezing weather. Some questions we've received about the deicer, and their corresponding answers, are below:

Will the de-icer stain concrete? The de-icer is water soluble and staff has not noticed it staining concrete. It should wash off with water.

Will the de-icer be tracked into driveways and garages? De-icers are designed to track with vehicles so it gets spread over the roadway. The amount that may be tracked into a driveway or garage is minimal. The mix is 30% calcium and 70% water, with an application rate of 15- to 30-gallons per lane mile.

Is de-icer harmful to pets? It is not harmful to pets. The same ingredients are found in cattle feed. The breakdown once spread on roadways is less than one cup per square yard.

Scroll through the winter preparation slideshow in the following for some helpful information to get you through the season.

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