About Us

Fishtrap Creek Next to Million Smiles Playground

Mission Statement

The Parks Department shall provide safe, beautiful and quiet places for family picnics and recreation, including areas for recreation for youth sports, adult leagues, and tournaments. Activities for youth are a focal point, to provide the city's youth an opportunity for positive recreation.

The Parks Department shall also place an emphasis on planning for future needs and the level of service that should be maintained at its current level.

Services Provided

Whether you are walking through Berthusen Park, picnicking along Fishtrap Creek in City Park, or participating in a sporting event at Bender fields, the staff of the Lynden Parks Department strives daily to provide our residents the highest quality outdoor venues in the area.

The Parks Department is responsible for the daily maintenance of all of the City of Lynden's parks, athletic fields, city buildings, and right-of-way spaces. The care of turf, trees, and landscaping is met with an emphasis on quality, which in turn provides our citizens with great open spaces to enjoy.

Park Facility Reservations 
For park facility reservations or availability (April-September), please call 360-354-6717. 

Shelters and picnic areas are provided at City Park, Greenfield Park, Bender Fields and Berthusen Park. Playfields are located at Bender Fields. Playground equipment is available at most locations.

The Jim Kaemingk Sr. Trail

The beginning of the city-wide trail system runs from City Park through Bender Fields. then east along Aaron Dr. by sidewalk to Greenfield Park then connects as trail behind Bryce Pk. Loop, and meanders along the north side of the KOA to Scenic Pl, by sidewalk to Bluestem St. to Northwood Lynden Jim Park and the Lynden Middle School.  Future Trail expansion to the west of Depot Rd. from City Park is coming in 2023. This expansion will eventually connect Depot Rd to 8th St. and Fisher Elementary School to Dickinson Park.  Parks and Trais Network 2021