What is Lynden's form of government?

The City of Lynden functions as a Code City and has a Mayor-Council form of government.  Most Washington cities are classified as code cities under the Optional Municipal Code established in 1967, as an alternative to the basic statutory classification system of municipal government.  It was designed to provide broad statutory home rule authority in matters of local concern. 

Voters elect the nonpartisan, part-time, Council of seven person to serve 4-year terms.  Elections are conducted every two years which allows for staggered terms of office.   Council members are eligible to hold office if they are e a citizen of the United States and the State of Washington as well as an “elector” of the local jurisdiction for at least one year preceding the election.  

The principal job of a Council member is to make policy for the governance of the City and its populace.  A policy is a course of action for a community. Policy making often takes the form of passing ordinances or resolutions at City Council meetings. The Council does not administer or become involved in the day-to-day administration of city affairs.  

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9. What is Lynden's form of government?