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Berthusen Park

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Berthusen Park

Welcome to the farm homesteaded in 1883 by Hans Berthusen and cherished by Hans and his wife Lida Hawley-Berthusen. Their barn and privy, (listed on the Register of Historic Places), were built from trees grown on the farm.

Hans and Lida, with help from their lawyer and banker, prepared a will so that following their deaths in 1943 and 1944 their entire 236 acres were given to the people of the city of Lynden to enjoy and preserve.

Berthusen Park provides picnic areas, group shelters, playground activities, old growth forest for hiking and educational purposes, Antique Tractor Club displays, Historic Barn with equipment on display, Lynden RC Model Airplane Flying Club, Lynden Shotgun Club, Boy Scout Troop 28 Cabin, Bertrand Creek, and a quiet country setting to enjoy it in. There is also a park house that is leased as a private residence.   

Mission Statement

To promote, enhance, and protect the historic, environmental, and educational opportunities for the community in a rustic natural setting of the park entrusted to the City of Lynden. To provide a beautiful, clean, safe and pleasant environment for the public to use and enjoy.

 To Reserve a Facility contact the Park Office at 360-354-6717 

Park Rules

  • Alcohol is not allowed
  • No Motorized Vehicles allowed on the Trails
  • Remain on the Trails to protect the Biodiversity of the Forest
  • Horseback Riding is allowed on Trails April through October
  • No Horseback Riding Friday through Sunday, June through August
  • Pick-up Your Animals Waste
  • All Pets must be kept on a Leash
  • No Harvesting or Collecting Living or Dead Material
  • No Hunting allowed
  • Pack Out Garbage and Use Garbage/Recycling Receptacles
  • No Over Night Stay or Parking
  • Park Closes at Dusk