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Schoolyard Park

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Schoolyard Park Master Plan "Concept" (PDF)

Following are some notes of our Schoolyard Park meeting yesterday, November 15, at the City Hall annex.

  1. Mr. Harlan Kredit made an introduction and then Scott Korthuis, mayor and Brent DeRuyter, Parks Director reviewed the project plans which were superbly designed by Dave Christensen and associates. 
  2. The plan has been reviewed by the city parks committee and the city council with formal approval expected to come soon. 
  3. The mayor is hopeful that over the winter, city crews can remove the fence and begin some work to alleviate parking concerns particularly on the north side of the park.
  4. An irrigation plan for the park is being developed and Brent is hopeful that a system can be installed next spring.
  5. Mayor Korthuis suggested that more trees be planted soon following the plan layout.
  6. An audience member suggested that gravel walkways could temporarily be installed to outline future paved paths.
  7. Another asked if a signboard with the plans could be placed on the property.
  8. Another suggested that the "log builders" association might help with some of the woodwork for some structures. 
  9. A younger member of the audience would like to search for a bell to be placed in the tower at the south entrance of the property.
  10. A question was asked about a water park and the mayor indicated his support for a small water feature similar to what was recently installed in Sumas in one of their parks.  Their design is not complicated and perhaps the water being used could be recycled for use to irrigate the park.  It was suggested to place it on the west side of the park because that is close to the children's play area.  
  11. There appears to be a consensus that after the irrigation plan is completed, the first phase would include the construction of the south entrance arch with restrooms and concurrently, the first phase of a play area for children. 
  12. The mayor asked for community support to help fund those specific projects because city park dollars are currently being used for the city trail as well as the other prior acquisitions of the Benson/Heusinkveld Park and Dickinson Park areas. We will try to help secure some funds to move forward as soon as possible on the arch and play area.
  1. The meeting had a pleasant and optimistic tone. Mr. Kredit thanked the Community and Glenning Planning Committee for their support for the past four years. 
    "The future looks bright and hopefully we make progress towards making this special place a source of pride for our community".
                                                                                                  ~Harlan Kredit